Accelerating Product Development at Lam Research with Risk Up Front

Lam Research has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most successful semiconductor process equipment manufacturers.

For over 16 years, Celerity Consulting has worked closely with Lam to revolutionize its development approach. As a result, the core concepts and techniques of our Risk Up Front™ methodology have become the foundation of Lam’s development process.

Lead consultant Adam Josephs, an expert in product lifecycle processes, has played an instrumental role in developing, revising, and teaching Lam’s Product Development and Release (PDR) process to teams all over the world. He has coached dozens of Lam’s teams and functional managers on accelerating product development, fostering a culture of innovation, and mitigating risks. Under Adam’s guidance, Lam has been able to optimize their development process, resulting in faster time-to-market, higher-quality products, and increased customer satisfaction.

Our partnership with Lam extends beyond adopting the Risk Up Front methodology. We supported the integration of product development organizations and best practices as part of the Lam-Novellus merger. Our experience and expertise made us a critical partner in integrating the cultures, processes, and people, maximizing the merger’s benefits.

At Celerity Consulting, we understand that every company has unique challenges, and that’s why we tailor our services to fit your specific needs. Our expertise in product development, process optimization, and risk management can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs, or enhance product quality.

We offer a range of consulting services, including:

  1. RiskUpFront implementation: Our experts will work with your team to develop a customized Risk Up Front methodology that aligns with your organizational goals and culture. We’ll provide training and coaching to ensure successful adoption and sustained performance improvement.
  2. Process optimization:We’ll assess your current product development process, identify areas of improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to streamline and optimize your process. Our consultants will work with your team to implement the changes and monitor performance to ensure sustained improvement.
  3. Program management coaching: We provide program management support to help you effectively plan, execute, and monitor your product development projects. Our experienced program managers will work with your team to ensure successful project delivery, stakeholder management, and risk mitigation.

Partnering with Celerity Consulting means having access to a team of experienced consultants and a proven methodology to help you achieve your product development goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you accelerate innovation and drive business growth with Risk Up Front.

Feedback from the Lam management team:

“I brought him into the company when I was in my early days as a general manager and struggling to get my team to perform at a higher level. He taught product development, program leadership, and effective meeting management – and his lessons stay with me to this day, which is why we still employ him. He has over the years worked with our product development teams, teaching the basic curriculum and helping to revise our product development and release (PDR) process. This guy is simply great and full of energy and enthusiasm. He analyzes situations rapidly and precisely and, from that analysis, generates action plans that lead rapidly to results. What more could I say? I like to talk to him.”

— Richard Gottscho, Executive VP, Global Product Group, Lam Research

Kim Wallace, Director, Technical Program and Product Management, recently presented the following slide to senior management:

“Adam quickly gets a strong grasp on the reality of the situation and then brings his inventive ideas to the project at hand. He’s easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable on how to streamline and improve business processes. He was key in revitalizing [our] product development process into a best-in-class business differentiator.”

— Kim Wallace, Director, Technical Program and Product Management, Lam Research

“Adam presents his creative ideas on risk management in a charismatic and highly effective way. He worked with our team to create a customized training program for cross-functional product development teams, then actively participated in the training sessions and in evaluating the results of the training. These efforts changed personal and organizational behavior, increased accountability, and ultimately yielded measurable improvements in team and product performance.”

— Wayne Nobles, Vice President, Operations, Lam Research

“Celerity has become an integral part of Lam Research’s Tualatin campus transition to a different development process. His guidance and coaching to all levels of the site has directly led to better interactivity, stronger accountability for roles and responsibilities, and a greater comfort level with the processes. He has a knack for taking a tedious subject and making it interactive and engaging, which is a credit to his approach to corporate learning.”

— Cam Worsham, Director of Materials, Lam Research

“Adam is engaging and conveys the materials clearly with good examples. He is an effective communicator and managed his and our time well. He was able to tailor responses to different levels of management, as well as to cross-functional teams, to meet the diverse needs of his audience.”

— Malini Jayaraman, Material Program Manager- Pilot Line, Lam Research

“Celerity provides excellent training on product development process. Adam is very easy to work with. His top strength includes infusing energy in big size team, great communicator, and outstanding mentor. Adam’s training has helped my team in developing new products better, cheaper, and faster.”

— Prabhat Sinha, Sr. Technical Program Manager, Lam Research

“[Adam] brings strong, authentic communication as well as a sprinkling in of humor and haiku to change things up.”

— Rebecca Mih, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Lam Research

“Celerity has provided us with training and coaching to develop and implement PDR processes and project/program management skills. He keeps the process moving, communicates very effectively, and is excellent at maintaining group motivation. That he can do so even in application areas where he is not personally expert is a testament to the general applicability and effectiveness of the ideas and techniques that he promotes.”

— Neil Benjamin, Technical Sr. Director, Lam Research

“Adam trained and mentored me in leading cross-functional product development teams, and he worked with me in an advisory role on a project to integrate product development processes between two merging Fortune 500 companies. Adam is one of those rare colleagues you can always count on and wish to have at your side to help guide the arc of organizational progress. He exhibits leadership presence, tact, wisdom, and the guiding hand of a deft coach. He has an unfailing enthusiasm and is quick to compliment.”

— Jon Spurlock, Program Manager, Lam Research

“Adam keeps me on my toes; he is very persistent and pursues his goals aggressively. Cultures within a company are difficult to change, and Adam tackles this by diving in head first and taking quite a few of us with him.”

— Chris Lee, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Lam Research