Teams before they deploy Risk Up Front:

  • We have smart engineers, but we have trouble shipping product quickly.
  • We have an extensive project management discipline, and I still can’t tell if my projects are on track or not.”
  • We repeatedly suffer fire drills late in our project development cycle that we should have avoided, but didn’t.

Risk Up Front is different:

  • It includes tools that, even on their own, suffice for most teams to upgrade their performance and results.
  • For simple projects, it is all you need. For complex projects, it augments your existing project management practices.
  • Risk Up Front focuses on team behaviors that are proven to contribute to early and productive identification and mitigation of risk.

Best Seller

Risk Up Front:

Managing Projects in a Complex World

The ability to relentlessly identify and mitigate risk is the key to high-performance project teams. Successful projects depend more on your team’s behavior than on their project tools.

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ebook, and audiobook.

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